Wing Tsun, a lifestyle.

During my personal wing tsun experience I've met countless people. I've seen many people join our courses considering themselves above the others. I've seen many hotheads who want fight just to blow off and vent their stress. I've seen others who claimed to be even above the rules or convinced ti have the entire martial arts knowledge, they came just to dare wing tsun. Mind me well, I'm not accusing anyone becouse I was One of those people, convinced of who knows what. I found out a complete different course, I've learnt it by myself. Many people, certainly, won't like this world, this different way of thinking. The truth is that martial arts as wing tsun are authentic disciplines and they must be taught as such. They aren't there to give you a bonus, to vent your stress for a couple of hours. Many times, instead, they underline your limits, your fears. Everything seems impossible, unattainable. Do you think it's terrible? Maybe at first I also thought like that, then it proves me the opposite. In every limit there is the opportunity to across it, in every fear there is the opportunity to win it. Everyone has the possibility to learn, everything is possible if you work out, whoever you are, whatever your age is. I've learnt by myself that the instructor is not the one who teaches you the perfect kick technique, he is your master. He shows you the way to develop your personal technique, he is the one who guides you in your physical and mental growth. He teaches you the education like a father with his children and he gives you the instruction like a teacher with his students. He often does it scolding off you, he want more and more, he is never satisfied and if you'll get it, you'll be the master of yourself. All of this won't be pleasant for many of you but tell me one thing: who has ever reached a goal without a sacrifice? Have a master is a privilege, you are not alone in your journey. He shows you the way, then you'll decide to take it or not. Choose martial arts seriously is like choose the School, your entire Life will depend on that choice, an important one. I've seen many people with different ideas, many of them gave up, others remain, grow up and change. Wing tsun is the way I've chosen, my personal way for balance. I've learnt to be humble and to recognize limits, mistakes and excesses. The consciousness is not enough, you have to want it. The will to admit these limits will change you in Better, in the body and the mind. Wing tsun is an opportunity, every technique wants to reach the neutrality; the combination between forces gives us the consciousness to own an energy, how can we use it? In wing tsun training, the chisao exsercise (stickies hands) leans to oppose two forces, if one of these excedes, it will overhangs the other one, by this logic the stronger will win. If the opposite forces keep up the neutrality, they'll discover the inherent energy of both of them. Only in this way you can know the opponent and use his energy combined with yours in order to control the balance and understand how to control yourself respecting the other. If you respect the others you'll find your own balance, your place and people around you. I know that it is a difficoult subject, in fact the practice helps you to understand. Kung fu means "hard work" and the balance road is never right but crooked of difficoulties. Join the wing tsun practice with this statement: arm yourself by will, be brave, be respectfull, be tireless in the practice and insatiable in the knowledge. Only in this way you'll find brothers and not opponents, authentic disciplines and masters, not simple instructors. I'm walking my way, I never stop learning, I want to walk more and more. Wing Tsun call me back every time doing the siu nim tao 50 times or doing 5000 punches without a break. Wing Tsun is the family I've chosen and it has given to me as a gift at the same time. Wing tsun is the balance of my Life and it makes me happy every time. Find out you passion and donate it to the others, follow my advices if you want. An open mind has not limits and every single drop can fill its to the way of balance and happiness.
Si Je Maria Ferla

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