My teacher and I were little more than teenagers when he started practicing. I continued on my way without ever getting tired of his stories full of enthusiasm, until I decided that I should join those stories too.
Now I find myself immersed in a martial art over the top, that completes me, satisfies and, above all, makes up for all the effort that requires discipline. And 'endless dedication required, but this choice would repeat countless times.

Gianni Palladino, Dealer

I knew the wing tsun long ago during a demonstration and I fell in love with. This art has captured my attention immediately because it is scientific, simple and effective. Every movement has its explanation, nothing is left to chance, and unlike many arts do not teach a slew of techniques that could be difficult to apply in combat but a set of principles that can be adapted and mastered by anyone and under any circumstances there you are. The path is long to understand the mechanisms, and requires, as in all things so much discipline, passion, dedication, sacrifice. The Wing Tsun for me is not just a way to defend against possible aggression but by now it has become a lifestyle. They are rooted in me the principles of calm, stress management, personal safety, respect for my opponent and concentration. Not all the credit has them this art but above all who you teach it. I have been fortunate to know my Sifu and the friend Salvatore Licata that sent me and continues to convey his knowledge and contagious passion that sets him apart.

Federico Ardizzone, Doctor

I started practicing Wing Tsun because first of all I was looking for a martial art that could give me so something that would increase the effectiveness and my physical ability , fortunately I girder in Wing Tsun . Aside from the physical benefits us from mental benefits because it teaches us to remain calm in certain situations where maybe calm substantially many times can miss and if you are at risk or if you have to defend teaches you to think before you act to avoid do something wrong .

Daniel Del Popolo, Student

I have found in the wing tsun an outstanding self-defense system, I found the gym a clean, polite people , with much respect and are good for us , brothers and sisters call us because we respect each other as brothers and we help each other in application of the techniques, in training. I recommend it to everyone is to keep physically fit or just to explore an exceptional self-defense system in the street because it can happen that we can be attacked by a mad fury , and that by applying the techniques of wing tsun we can defend well and take home the skin.

Santi Isgrò, Marshal of the Navy

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