During the practice of Wing Tsun, feel appoint terms relating to techniques, weapons or sequences. At the beginning of the practice it is quite difficult to remember these names.
To facilitate the task (... of course for those who practice this art), the following is the translation of the terminology used:



Cinese Italiano
BART Eight
BART CHAM DAO Knives to 8 cuts
BUT-DOAN-JARN Elbow retainer
BOK Shoulder
BIK-BO-TIP-DA Close the distance with pressing attacks
BIU-TZE Third form
BIU-TZE-SAU Blow with the fingertips
BONG-GERK Wing leg
CHANG-SAU Blow with the hand cut
CHEONG-KIU Bridge along
DAN-CHI-SAU Chi Sau with an arm
CHI-KWAN Stick glued
CHI-SAU Glued hands
CHING Frontal
CHING-GUM-SAU Gum Sau frontal
CHING-CHEUNG Frontal webbed
SHANG-CHI-SAU Chi Sau with two arms
CHONG Fighting stance (south)
CHONG Wooden dummy (for Kung Fu Training)
CHUEN-KIU Arm pierces
CHUM-KIU Look for the bridge
CHUNG-JARN Elbow to the center
CHUNG-LO Average level (central)
CHUNG-SIN Meridian
CHING-SUN-GERK Frontal kick
CHUNG-SUM-SIN The center line
DAI-CHEUNG Webbed at waist
DA-NGAN-SAO Eyes Attack
DAO Knife
DAP-BO Step that reaches
DING-JARN Elbow strike
DUI-KOK-MA Rotated position after the JU-SUN-MA
FAK-SAU (O FAT-SAU) Banged arm
FOOK-SAU Arm that controls (lying - bridge)
GAUN-SAU Defense against the attack in depth
GEE Character (ideogram)
GEE-MA-NG WT position
GOW-CHA Crisscross
GUM-SAU Hand crushing
GWAT-SAU Arm that sweeps
HAR-LO Lower level
HAU Rear
HAU-GUM-SAU Gum Sau rear
HAU-JARN Elbow rear
HOI-MA Assume the position
HUEN-BO / KAU-BO Circular steps (forward - backward)
HUEN-GOT-SAU Technical from third Form
HUEN-SAU Hand circular motions
JARK-CHEUNG Lateral Webbed
JARK-SUN-MA Laterale position
JARN-DAI-LAK Energy from the point of the elbow
JIN-BO Step arrow
JOR Left
JU-CHEUNG Side shot (with the cut hand)
JU-GUM-SAU Side shot of Gum-Sau
JUM-SAU Arm with his elbow sinking
JU-SUN-KUEN Punch in rotation
JU-SUN-MA Rotation leading to DUI-KOK-MA
JUT-SAU Shock of hand
KAR-SIK (= CHONG) Fighting stance (north)
KAU-SAU Hand wraps (dig)
KIM Goat
KIU-DAI-CHUNG-KUEN Central fist from under that creates a bridge
KIU-SAU Arms to bridge
KO High
KO-TAN-SAU Tan Sao high
KWAN-SAU Arms that rotate
KUEN Punch
KUEN-TO Shaped punches
KUO-SAU Training for combat
KWAI-JARN Elbow diagonally down
KWUN-MA Stick position along
KWUN-SAU Hands that rotate
LAN-SAU Arm bar
LAN-FOOK-SAU Arm bar and controls
LAP-SAU Hands picking
LAU-SAU Hands that go up
LOK-SAU Exercise of Chi-Sau
LUK-DIM-BOON-KWUN The long stick technique
MA Position (Horse, Knight)
MANG-GENG-SAU Neck technique
MAN-SAU Hand searching
MAN-GERK Leg that tries
MUK-YAN-CHONG Wooden dummy
MUK-YAN-CHONG-FA Technical wooden dummy
NUK-SAU Exercise of Sparring
OI-MOON Outside
ONG-CHEUNG Webbed pours
PAK-SAU Hand that slaps
PIE-JARN Elbow which cuts
PO-PAI-CHEUNG Double Webbed
SAAM Three
SAAM-KOK-BO Triangle Pass
SAAM-SING CHONG Exercising in the wooden dummy with three feet
SAAM-BAI-FUT = SIU-NIM-TAU Triple Prayer to Buddha = Little Idea
SAU-KUEN Collect punches
SAU-SIK Closing the position
SHANG Double
SHAT-GENG-SAU Blow to the Adam's apple
SHANG-KUEN Combination of double punch
SHEUNG-LO High level
SIU-NIM-TAU First form
SAW-SAU Arm block (closes)
TAN-SAU Use the palm of your hand
TIE-SAU (O TAI-SAU) Arm that lifts
TOK-SAU Hand lifting elbows
TUT-SAU Arms that are released
WU-DIP-DAO Butterfly knives
WU-SAU Protective arm
CHEUNG-YAN Push webbed
WANG-CHEUNG Horizontal webbed
YAT One (or Only)
YAT-GEE-CHUNG-KUEN Fist led vertically
YAU Right
YEUNG Tighten
YEE-GEE-KIM-YEUNG-MA Base position (I.R.A.S.: Internal Rotated Abduction Stance)

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