Il Wing Tsun

Most of the time a dangerous situation occurs without prior notice, you can not know where, how and when it will happen and, sometimes, even the why and everyone would prefer not to have trouble, but unfortunately it is not always possible to avoid them.
"I am against violence" ... "I can not happen" ... The vast majority of us take this thought to remedy the problem. Ours is not an exhortation to fight, help us to spread a new culture, that of respect, of understanding. Sun Tzu went like "The best fighter is not one who won a hundred battles, but the one who wins without fighting." Ours is only the tip of the iceberg, only the beginning, but still a start!
When you are attacked or when they meet arrogant people, which go beyond simple verbal insult, we may be forced to having to defend, this means putting the aggressor in conditions which it can no longer harm.
We need to defend ourselves without knowing absolutely nothing of those who attack us.
To be effective, a true martial art must not force the practitioner to rely on their physical strength or special aerobatic capability, but put anyone in a position to defend themselves.
Most often it is the non-athletes and the so-called weaker sex to be more exposed to bullying and threats.
The stress of an assault unfortunately causes panic, dozens of thoughts crowd the mind in a few moments, it reacts with gross movements, clumsy and useless or, in some cases, do not react at all.
WingTsun (also spelled Wing Chun, Wing Chun, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, Wing Tjun etc.) will help us get out of these situations.
The system invented by a woman over 300 years ago that made him famous Bruce Lee!

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