About Us

In 2016, the Independent Wing Tsun System Alliance was founded by different Sifu and Instructors from different parts of Europe and from years of practice and experience in various associations, whose purpose is mainly to study but also to spread the art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Leung Ting system, working hard with any serious Master that has as main characteristic humility, respect and without constraints of any kind because our purpose is to encourage achieve a high quality in the training of instructors, all in a climate mutual trust and respect, in which its members can form and grow together while respecting the values and teachings (moral as well as martial) of this great discipline that is the Wing Tsun.

The Independent Wing Tsun System Alliance is growing all over the Italian territory and in the European scene, where is collecting several quarters, particularly following the work of its instructors and masters. From this point of view, our prerogative is to teach the system in the most clear and sincere allowing everyone to learn it, even to those who have great financial means to do so because, unfortunately, in most organizations this is not possible.

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