What is Wing Tsun and what are the peculiarities of this discipline ?


The wing tsun martial art is born more than 400 years ago in China, is a martial art known in the West as Kung Fu although this word means hard work or work performed with skill, to say the Wing Tsun is a style kung fu is not correct, it is a discipline, a system, a method of combat.
The legend wants invented by a woman even though there is no evidence, it arrives in the West thanks to Bruce Lee who practiced in China with his master Ip Man, and makes him known first in America and then through his films, all over the world.
The Wing Tsun is not only self-defense, it is a way of life, to physical and mental wellbeing, it is healthy, gives serenity and motor elasticity.
With Wing Tsun you learn to know your body, you become aware of your abilities, you can practice at any age and regardless of sex.
Those who practice Wing Tsun is against any form of violence and aggression.
The wing tsun draws from Confucianism (respect for oneself and for others), Taoism (avoid oppose by force the obstacles) and Buddhism (sacrifice).

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