Most of the time a dangerous situation occurs without prior notice you can not know where, how and when it will happen and we may be forced to having to defend, without knowing absolutely nothing of those who attack us. To be effective, a true martial art must not force the practitioner to rely on their physical strength or special aerobatic capability, but put anyone in a position to defend themselves. WingTsun, the system invented by a woman over 300 years ago and that made him famous Bruce Lee, will help us get out of these situations.


About Us

In 2016,the Independent Wing Tsun System Alliance was born by different Sifu and Instructors from Italy and from different parts of Europe marked by years of practice and experience in various associations. The main purpose of IWTSA is to study and popularize the art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Leung Ting system. Our prerogative is to teach the system in the most clear and sincere manner allowing everyone to learn it, even to those who have great financial means to do so, in a climate of mutual trust and respect.


Our Team

The IWTSA consists of Italian and European instructors who work with the greatest masters of Wing Chun - Wing Chun in Europe, America and Asia without any constraint and with maximum freedom. Our instructors are still forming, with their passion and humility that distinguishes them are always traveling the world to learn and improve themselves, to convey all the knowledge acquired over decades of practice to their students. Learn Wing Tsun in IWTSA means to have the security of being followed by honest and professional people.

News & Articles

  • Stage Wing Tsun Kung Fu 18/06/2016
    On Saturday 18 June will take place a Wing Tsun Kung Fu stage in Kira Academy, Via Bergonzoli n° 46, in Palermo city with Sifu Salvatore La Licata. The stage…
  • Wing Tsun, a lifestyle.
    During my personal wing tsun experience I've met countless people. I've seen many people join our courses considering themselves above the others. I've seen many hotheads who want fight just…


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