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Stage Wing Tsun Kung Fu 18/06/2016

On Saturday 18 June will take place a Wing Tsun Kung Fu stage in Kira Academy, Via Bergonzoli n° 46, in Palermo city with Sifu Salvatore La Licata. The stage will last  from 09.30 a.m. until 13.00, in the afternoon from 15.30 from 18.30 During the lesson we'll talk about theese programmes: Basic techniques Advanced…
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Wing Tsun, a lifestyle.

During my personal wing tsun experience I've met countless people. I've seen many people join our courses considering themselves above the others. I've seen many hotheads who want fight just to blow off and vent their stress. I've seen others who claimed to be even above the rules or convinced ti have the entire martial…
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Travel to Hong Kong organized by IWTSA

Beautiful experience of IWTSA to Hong Kong from 7 November 2013 to 16 November, 2013. A trip to Hong Kong to explore the origins of Kung Fu. Visits to schools, training sessions, interviews ... so much, on Wing Tsun Kung Fu directly to Hong Kong. Also visit to the city, to temples, parks, scenic locations,…
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